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My New Book for 2013 is ON SALE NOW!!! "Things Pagans Should Know - According to Lady StarFire"

To let everyone know, We are NOT gone. Due to the May 1, 2010 flood, I have moved everything to my house.

You MUST call before coming out to set up an appointment, to make sure we are there as I don't have set hours yet. Evenings after 4:00 pm is usually good and on Saturday after 10 am. Shop phone - 731-265-4269 or you can reach me anytime at 731-225-8672. Thank you for your patience and understanding and continued support. ~ Shari "Lady StarFire"

Please excuse our construction as this site is always changing and we are trying our best to get more inventory listed. Feel free to email or call with any questions.

Blessed Be!

Be sure to check out our new web site (still working on it) http://mysticalwiccan.com/

While you are there check out the new Pagan Church site Temple of the Ancient Ones (TAO) or copy and paste this link: http://mysticalwiccan.com/temple/default.html or click on the link on the left.